Central Minnesota Housing Partnership

Central Minnesota Housing Partnership (CMHP) is a certified home buyer education and pre-purchase counseling provider by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and by the Minnesota Homeownership Center. 

Pre-purchase Counseling

Purchasing your first home can be quite an adventure, and the more knowledge you have about the process, the better chance you will make the right decisions along the way. Central Minnesota Housing Partnership (CMHP) offers Pre-Purchase one-on-one counseling to discuss in detail the process of homeownership with a Homeowner Advisor. We want every homebuyer to be prepared for the journey and we want to help in any way that we can.

A Home Advisor can:

  • Help you determine if you are ready to buy
  • Help you calculate how much home you can afford
  • Review your credit report with you
  • Provide information on current mortgage loan programs
  • Personalize a plan to get YOU into homeownership
  • Get you connected to down payment and closing cost assistance programs

Does it cost anything?

No, counseling services are free of charge.

Can we look at my credit report?

Yes, we can review your credit report. If you do not have a recent report on hand, we can pull your credit report for you for a small fee.

How do I schedule and appointment?

You schedule book your appointment today by contacting Homeowner Advisor, Lea Engnell at 320.258.0681 or Lengnell@cmhp.net

Home Stretch Workshops

Home Stretch Work Shops are taught by knowledgeable local housing professionals with up-to-date information on the world of home buying and home ownership. Our volunteer instructors come from a variety of housing back grounds to include: mortgage lenders, Realtors, credit counselors, loan closers and home inspectors. The greatest benefit to Home Stretch participants is they have the opportunity to ask important relevant questions and have these questions answered in class by knowledgeable and credible housing professionals. Home Stretch is often required by lenders to receive funding depending on the mortgage product.

Gain knowledge in the following

  • Budgeting and spending plans
  • Different mortgage products
  • Shopping for a home
  • Home inspections
  • The closing process
  • Maintaining a home

Does it cost anything?

There is a fee of $30 per household which includes the cost of a binder of information each household leaves the workshops with.

How to register

You can contact Program Coordinator, Lea Engnell at 320.258.0681 or Lengnell@cmhp.net or visit www.cmhp.net to register for an upcoming Home Stretch Work Shop.